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2018 Roadshows...Ocean Discovery Zone at Devon County Show in May

In May we co-organised The Ocean Discovery Zone at 2018 Devon County Show, May 17, 18, & 19. This is a new attraction at this well attended show, and our pavilion featured engaging presentations and activities from some of the leading marine conservation organisations in the South West of UK.  We provided lots of life sized marine wildlife models and our expertise, and aimed to partly recreate the amazing visual experience we first provided in 2005 for the Festival of the Sea at Souter lighthouse ( see 2005 photo album ) . Our creatures large and small provided the realism and wow factor to enhance the many engaging activities provided by the different organisations participating. 

Project partners were Seadream Education and Devon County Show, and main sponsors were Devon County Show, University of Plymouth Marine Institute, and Coastal Recycling....thank you to them and to all the participants who helped make it such a great success.  For info on ODZ sponsors and participating organisations, do an online search

For publicity info on this show, see         ... and scroll down to Ocean Discovery Zone

For details of the School Competitions we ran as part of this show presentation, and a list of ODZ participants , see  and click on the ODZ logo for the pdf flyer

For more reportage, do an online search for Ocean Discovery Zone at Devon County Show

Show attendance for 2018 was almost 90,000 over 3 days, and we estimate that over 5000 visited the Ocean Discovery Zone, including 16 different schools.

There are already plans and new ideas to improve the Ocean Discovery Zone for the 2019 Devon County Show, and to take it to other shows and events

Enjoy this photoalbum of our contribution to The Devon County Show 2018

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Welcome to The Ocean Discovery Zone
Lots of life sized Marine Wildlife in the centre of the 24m x 12m pavilion, and 15 participants around the marque, ready for 5000+ visitors over 3 days
Lots of Devon schools visited on first two show days, and here is the ODZ's first group having some fun learning
ODZ participants offered engaging activities for the school groups, illustrating different aspects of Ocean science and raising awareness of important issues affecting the marine environment
Fun learning in school commented...."loved it, lots of simple engaging activities". Another ..." brilliant, an excellent tent and everyone was so helpful and dedicated"
The ODZ had a medium sized marquee, 24m x 12m, which just fitted on to the available area, and it looked good on the outside....lots of ideas to improve its visual impact for next year !
Devon County Show is huge, and the ODZ had a prime location next to the busiest pedestrian route, without being surrounded by other exhibits
Lots of scope to make the exterior more exciting and catch the eye of passing thousands
Whale Workshop also has interest in a flock of Shetland is one of ours, Show breed champion even !
Watch out, there is a big mouth about !
Thats a really big mouth, and the Basking Shark only eats plankton, tiny marine life smaller that your little finger. How cool is that !
In the corner nearby, Marine Biological Association and the Crabwatch project, and Devon Wildlife Trust with their Wembury Marine Centre
Next to that was the seashore area with lots of beach finds to touch and ask about, with Teresa Naylor to answer questions and explain things
...and beside the entrance was Sound Diving with their stand full of diving gear and artefacts, underwater pictures, and lots more !
On the other side of the Shark's huge mouth was University of Plymouth Marine Institute, with Plankton Viewing, and lots of info on marine plastic litter and pollution