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2020-2021 Whaleworkshop output  Focusing on making creatures for others worldwide, with lots of enquiries awaiting funding decisions, looks like very busy next 12 months       

SALE SALE SALE  selling off some of our creatures, including VAQUITA, HECTORS ( MAUI ) DOLPHIN, and more, see Species List for details

2020 Roadshows  After taking the School Roadshow to Derby and Birmingham in March, the impact of Covid-19 meant that roadshows in May and June were cancelled or postponed until future dates can be arranged.  Meanwhile we have refocused on making creatures, to clear the considerable backlog of previous orders.  Rescue training Dolphins and Seals for BDMLR and other ngos, plus display creatures for Cornwall and overseas....see below

2019-2020 Making Creatures    Lots of orders for Rescue Training Dolphins and Seal pups for UK and overseas ngos, and for display Grey Seals for project in Cornwall, plus enquiries for marine wildlife models large and small. Also a steady stream of vintage creatures coming in for renovation, proving that it pays to buy quality hand-made items that can be renovated when necessary.

2019 Roadshows.......bookings for The Eden Project,  South Devon College for their Green Week, Cornwall Wildlife Trust for their Wilder Fair, Bucks Berks & Oxon Wildlife Trust for Oxford Wild Fair, Glastonbury Festival, a new Festival in Aldeburgh celebrating the sea and our connection with it, a return to the Farmwise Schools event in Exeter, and a return to Derry in Northern Ireland to recreate the Monsters of the Deep Halloween event.  This year we featured the Giant Squid...he is something else !  The school roadshow undertook a tour of The Shetland Isles...see relevant photoalbums for pics and reportage.  Plus lots of enquiries coming in

2018 Roadshows........October was busy, with the BDMLR Conference , Farmwise Schools Event, and the amazing Underwater World we created for The Loughs Agency in Northern Ireland..see the relevant photoalbums. See another photoalbum on Pop-up Dolphins, which we are offering as a new roadshow aspect for 2019 onwards, and in particular as a new School Roadshow. In November and December we are making new creatures for BDMLR and others.

Earlier in the year....February saw the Marine Wildlife Roadshow in the Isle of Man, working with the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch, and in May we worked with lots of other organisations to provide The Ocean Discovery Zone at Devon County Show, followed by other events in Devon during the summer months....see relevant photoalbums, plus in June we returned to Oxford University's Museum of Natural History as part of the Wildlife Trust's Oxford Wild Fair, and we finished making a couple of Rescue Training Marine Mammals, a Porpoise and a Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphin...see relevant Photo Albums