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European Locations 2000 - 2006

Lots of different locations across Europe, working with different project partners, to deliver public and school roadshows, exhibitions and displays. Please open these links to blogs for Whale and Dolphin Roadshow Tour of Germany in 2001, working with WDCS Germany, and pictures of Tour of Germany on page 3 below

Working with IFAW and British Divers Marine Life Rescue to raise awareness prior to the 2001 IWC meeting on London
.......with the Blue Whale on the River Thames and lots of media attention
At the International Festival of the Sea at Portsmouth in 2002, the adult Blue makes the other whales look tiny
...and they all look big compared to this young visitor
It was busy at IFOS for all 4 days, many thousands of visitors passing our display located alongside a US warship
Travel Exhibition in London promoting whale watching in won "best stand" award
Another Travel exhibition with Orca and Great White
...suspended above a diving tank
...and the great white shark is always an attention grabber!
Blue Whale at Exploris Aquarium near Belfast
....can it really be that big!
Sharks at Torbay Childrens Festival
Big shark at Hurst Castle, on the Solent, for Wildlife Trust event
Big Basking Shark at Reculver, Kent
Whale and friends at Leeds Castle, Kent