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2018 Roadshows...Ocean Discovery Zone at a Devon school and at a small music festival

Following on from the successful Ocean Discovery Zone at Devon County Show, we took a smaller ODZ to a school in North Devon as a prize for their Marine Litter Poster entry in a Devon County Show schools competition , and then to a small Music Festival in South Devon. 

As the prize in a Devon County Show schools competition, we presented the schools version of the Ocean Discovery Zone to a North Devon Primary School.
Here is the marine litter poster designer, with his poster, his Devon County Show first prize rosette, and his book prize. Well done young man!
We had lots of life-sized marine wildlife models to wow the whole school as they came in class by class for their 30 minute sessions
...including Dolphins, Porpoise, Seals, Turtles, baby Whale and a Shark
Half the class had a quick species intro and a "meet the creatures" , then they swapped over with the other half
...who had a session on the Ocean Science display with Juliette from Seadream Education
This pupil wanted more, could not get him away from the Beachfinds tray, he was fascinated !
After lunch, longer sessions for the older pupils included a demonstration of how echo-location helps the Porpoise catch its fish supper when visibility underwater is not good
The Porpoise pupil is blindfolded, so she cannot see the fish, but the fish is squeeking away to represent the echo from the Porpoise's sonar scanning. The hunt is on
...add some noise pollution from the rest of the class, and the Porpoise is struggling to catch the fish.......this is exactly what happens in the ocean
Stop the noise pollution, and the Porpoise closes in on its fish supper and gobbles up the squeeky fish.....simple demo that is fun and works equally well with grown-up kids too
Simple props, a bucket of marine litter, and two litterpicker devices, and we get to the final part of the sessions for older pupils
Down on the beach, Mr Sillyman has been here, chucking his plastic rubbish everywhere ( we all know people like this)
The class isnt happy about this...." hands up who wants to do some litterpicking after Mr Sillyman?"
In no time at all, two pupils have done their "2 minute litterpick" and the beach is clean again. Simple stuff done in an engaging way...always works!