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2018 into 2019 Roadshows..."Pop-Up Dolphins" in development

In order to offer a compact and effective roadshow feature, focusing on the major issue of Plastic Pollution of the Marine Environment, we have assembled some roadshow components and put them inside a nice 3m x 3m pop-up tent, to give a Dolphin's perspective, called "Pop-up Dolphins".

It can be sited indoors or outside, at all kinds of events, aimed at all kinds of audiences, with sponsors banners or Ocean Discovery Zone logos, and we can add other relevant aspects as required. It is eyecatching, currently very much in the public's mind, engaging and fun too, and easy to manage. It will be flexible and constantly developing, to incorporate new ideas and solutions, and reflecting up-to-date thinking on the huge issue of plastic pollution. It can be used to enhance ongoing local initiatives, and highlight specific issues and solutions. It is intended to be adaptable and relevant.

Seen from a Dolphin's perspective, ignoring the problem is not an option, we humans have created this sea of waste, and we need to change our ways urgently to lessen our impact on Ocean creatures

Dolphin species from the Roadshow collection include Bottlenose, Common, Striped, Rissos, White Beaked, White Sided, Spinner, Dusky, and more, plus Porpoise and Seal Species

Based on the development work to date, Pop-up Dolphins is booked during 2019 for The Oceans Exhibition at The Eden Project in Cornwall, for the Croissant Neuf Green Field at Glastonbury Festival, and lots more enquiries coming in for 2019 and beyond.  

Contact us to find out how Pop-up Dolphins can enhance your festival or is uniquely different. Build a school roadshow tour around this engaging outreach, with a weekend public event too.

There is also interest in Pop-up Sharks, using the different Shark Species in the Roadshow, and as well as the focus on Plastic pollution, other highlights include engaging activities to illustrate how Echo location helps marine wildlife find food in the Ocean, how other senses are used by Sharks to find food, how evolution has led to a diversity of species survival strategies, and lots more . 

It ticks lots of boxes for Science Festivals, and the life-sized creatures give that extra " wow factor ". They can be flown into roadshow locations worldwide as personal baggage, so it is cost effective.

Click on individual pictures to enlarge them

Tried out first in September 2018....
...with life-sized Dolphins, simple info on the issue of marine litter, and engaging activities.
The kids were straight into the litter picking challenge, with the Croissant Neuf Green Field Glastonbury Festival big top in the background day these three had more fun picking up all the litter from the site, nobody asked them, they just went on and did it....
Lots of dressing up for the bring and share feast......
...followed by great live music inside the marquee at this warm-up get-together for participants in the 2019 Glastonbury Festival
Next outing for Pop-up Dolphins was at Farmwise..
...featuring those Dolphins again, with a picture frame for taking selfies and uploading them, if you want.
The Pop-up is dressed with banners, and on the three sides are featured marine litter, the litter picking challenge, and an Echo location activity
The two trays show what you might wish to find on a beach, sea shells etc, and next to it what you also find, plastic marine litter
Here is the Echo location activity, with lots of relevant items. This event is aimed at Devon Schools, and we were part of the Environment Zone......
Each school group has a chance to visit the three sides of our teams of two pupils do some litter picking....
...see how engaged the kids are, it all makes perfect sense
Eye catching and engaging.....compact 3m x 3m
Simple to understand, the issue of Marine Litter especially Plastic is plain to see