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2019 Roadshows...Eden Project, South Devon College, Wildlife Trusts events, Aberdeen Dolphin Festival, and more

2019 provides lots of chances to develop the Pop-up Dolphins show and fit it into different types of events, indoor and outside. 

In early February we worked with The Eden Project in Cornwall for the launch of their new Oceans exhibition, and had 1000+ visitors over a cold snowy February weekend.  For more info on this weekend, see

A week later we worked with South Devon College to provide some engaging activities and presentations for their 2019 Green Week

In April we worked with RSPB Scotland on the Aberdeen Dolphin Festival, see

and to see the fantastic work of mural artist Marc of Fresh Paint, who created the superb mural at the Aberdeen Harbour entrance shown below ,  see

and we then went on to The Shetland Isles for a tour of schools and public events ( see seperate photoalbums for Shetland Roadshow Tour and for Wildlife Trust shows and Glastonbury Festival )

In May be worked with Wildlife Trusts for The Wilder Festival in Cornwall and The Wild Fair in Oxford  see,

In June we are part of 2019 Glastonbury Festival, working with the same partners we worked with in the Green Fields area 15 years ago...see

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Launch weekend for the new exhibition on The Ocean
Inside the dome tent, a selection of our marine wildlife models including whale, shark, dolphins, porpoises and seals, and a turtle
Lots of beach finds to discover, examine, identify, and ask is so engaging
...and the ever popular Beach Litter Picking is fun for all ages
Suggestions for viable alternatives to single use plastic, and other tips on reducing our impact on marine wildlife
A pair of Porpoises accompany the huge Basking Shark, a plankton eater that represents the top of the food chain illustrated by the new exhibition
Background sound effects and blue lighting enhance the underwater ambience
Big mouth is fascinating to small ones
Love that litter picking, it ticks so many boxes, sparks so many "light bulb" moments, its inspirational
...over 1000 saw the show, with sub zero temperatures and snow falling outside, the winter came to Eden Project.
Inside South Devon College, on a busy walkway, we used the same pop-up Dolphins set-up with 3m x 3m pop-up...
..and the same cluster of marine wildlife models as at Eden Project, but arranged differently to fit the available space
Dolphins gaze down on the dreaded plastic !
Engaging the students with the echo location demonstration, with the blindfolded Porpoise locating the squeeky fish for supper. Its fun !
He caught his fish supper eventually, much to the amusement of fellow students. Engage with life and it rewards you.