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2019 Roadshows......Glastonbury Festival and Siren Festival in Aldeburgh

In June 2019 we returned to Glastonbury Festival, working with old friends in the Croissant Neuf Green Field,  same folk we toured the UK with on the original Green Roadshow in the 90s and the 00s. 


and         for info on hiring the Croissant Neuf Big Top etc

In August we were working again with Incredible Oceans, at their Siren Festival in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 

This is a great example of how a small focused group can bring together local people to produce an outstanding event,  encompassing the marine environment with science, art, performance, passion and enthusiasm, all rolled into one. Well done the Incredible Oceans team.



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Arriving the weekend before the festival begins, with lots of other exhibitors and crew in the back stage camping area, packed in behind the frontage of our Green Fields arena
The Big Top has been up for a week, and the frontage of our arena is taking shape, with the Roadshow 5m x 5m Tentnology marquee visible in front of the parked red van
After another 2 days of hard work, our Green Field area is open, and it soon fills up as people listen to the music on the bandstand, prior to the evening music in the Big Top
Inside the roadshow marquee, Pop-up Dolphins and their marine wildlife friends, lots of beach finds, and some simple engaging activities.
Lots of info on species and some great posters.
The Big Top has just opened for evening music, and a steward heads out to pick up a few bits of litter we hadnt picked up during the busy daytime.
Getting busy out there, and no mud !
Lots of nice details on the Croissant Neuf Green Field, with seating, funky wooden structures, and lots more. No generators here, its all powered by renewables.
First night tonight, so its busy but not yet heaving, most people settling in still
Next day, sun is out again and the creatures are all ready to welcome the visitors, which average 400 per day inside the roadshow marquee
Early litter picking challenge, no rush, enjoy the ambience
During daytime, music alternated between the outside bandstand and inside the big top, and all featured less-well-known acts
Outside in our arena, sparkly partywear to buy or things to discover, its all there at Glastonbury, the world's largest festival
The litter picking challenge scores, approx 100 per day
Bee Spotting guide and a busy mini bee garden