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2020 Roadshows....School and College Roadshows around the UK

...........updated content on plastic pollution and climate action, to include lots of interesting facts and info on the huge impact that plastic pollution is having on the marine environment, and the climate emergency that Planet Earth is facing.  Understand the science, and know the reality, and the next step becomes more obvious.  The roadshow points the way to reducing human impact on our Planet, with simple demonstrations, engaging activities, lots of light-bulb moments for pupils and teachers alike, and remember, Knowledge is Everything.  Be inspired and become part of the sustainable future that we all need to work towards.  The Roadshow aims to be Biodiversity Advocate and Sustainability Advocate, both of which are essential to create a future on Planet Earth

To work out what your environmental footprint is, go to

The Roadshow works just as well in a College as in a Primary or Secondary school, with content adjusted to suit the audience. It is always fun and engaging, relevant and up to date, uniquely different

See the main School Roadshow page for previous history and output, and some development news on the current School Roadshows offered.

Also see previous photoalbums on 2019 School Roadshow tour of Shetland Isles, 2018 School in Devon and Farmwise Schools event, and other previous photoalbums

From 2020 onwards, the Whale Workshop will build a UK tour of its School Roadshow offering, which is

  • Pop-up Dolphins Roadshow focusing on the effect of marine plastic pollution on our Marine Wildlife, and how we can reduce our impact on the marine environment
  • Climate Action Roadshow focusing on the urgent need to change our lifestyles to reduce consumption, lessen our carbon footprint, and create a sustainable future

The two are intrinsically linked, and a mix of content can be offered to give the right balance to suit the school's requirements. In a single day at a typical 6 year entry school, it is not possible to cover every relevant issue, so content will be adjusted for the age group present in the audience and to suit the teachers subject requests, to tick as many boxes as possible for them and the pupils.

Each roadshow will be presented as a series of assembly style presentations to two year groups at a time, in the school hall or gymnasium, so every pupil gets a fun and engaging learning experience.

A typical primary school timetable might be

(adjusted as required to suit individual school timetable, need to set up for breakfast club, school dinner, etc )

yrs 1 & 2  0930 - 1030 :  yrs 3 &4  1045 - 1145 : yrs 5 & 6 1330 - 1430:

with early years given a "look around"  before the afternoon session if possible.  Then everyone is included!

Roadshow will arrive at 0800 to unload and set up, hopefully this is done by 0930 for the first presentation.

Secondary school and College roadshow visits will have tailored presentations to tick requirements and suit the audience. 

Each School visited will be programmed into a week of school roadshows in that area, city, etc.  A single school visit in a far away place is not logistically sustainable, there must be 5 schools filling a week in that area, with a public roadshow at the weekend if that is required. This 5 or 6 day roadshow week worked perfectly for previous tours of UK and elsewhere, and it is how to make it all work logistically, cost-effectively, and sustainably.  Spending all day in a motorway traffic jam is not helping the planet recover, so we dont do it.         Think Carbon Footprint.... and enjoy lower stress levels.

Another way to provide the Roadshow learning experience to schools is to offer presentations at a Schools Event, at a single location, with individual school groups being bussed in, either on a single day or over several consecutive days. This has been done very successfully all over the world since we started providing the roadshow, but it does need logistic input from the schools to get their pupils to the single roadshow location.  For example, a large Secondary school hall or Community Centre might have smaller surrounding schools coming in to see the show.

The Roadshow can be tailored to suit Science Weeks, or a special themed School Project, or to focus on an innovative local project, or whatever else needs enhancing.  It is flexible, within a framework that we know works, it is tried and tested, and the problem with all presentations is not what to put in, but what to leave out. There is never enough time in a typical school roadshow day!

We will add pictures throughout the year, to illustrate the many different aspects, the activities, and the different ways to reach the learning environment audience, plus we will quote teacher and pupil feedback as we get it. 

Pictures include those from School and College roadshows, and from special events aimed at providing a fun learning experience.

If you have ideas that might involve our Roadshow, get in touch and let us develop these to everyone's benefit.  We welcome interest from potential project partners.

We like new horizons !  Go on, Challenge us.

feedback :-   A HUGE thank you for your passion and inspiration delivering the workshop was so interesting and we all really enjoyed it....and same teacher said on the day " amazed by how well they sat, they were enthralled!"

Click on pictures to enlarge them


A college event for Go Green Week at South Devon College
Featuring a mighty female Sperm Whale, and some baby whales too, with a Porpoise in the space above. Lots of great pledges on the flipchart
The 3m x 3m Pop-up Dolphins tent in the middle with more engaging stuff inside and beyond
Its a Giant Squid, as amazing as the Sperm Whale, extraordinary creatures that illustrate how evolution has shaped our stunning planet and its Biodiversity.
Go Green Week at this busy local college, with lots of teenage students doing further education courses and learning trade skills
The Roadshow set up on The Avenue, a major walkway that most students and staff will pass each day.
Our presentation outlined the simple science of climate change, and how we humans need to change our ways to lower our impact on Planet Earth and its Biodiversity
We highlighted WWF's excellent Carbon Footprint Calculator, and lots of the audience engaged with it and took their first steps towards a lower impact lifestyle
Each day we saw several hundred passing by ......
..and each day several hundred students from the many tutor groups had an engaging 60 minute presentation
Presentations start with an introduction to the show's stars, the wonderful marine wildlife we share our planet with, and how we as humans fit in
.....and the need for us to move towards a zero emissions future, lowering our individual carbon footprints to create a sustainable future. Climate Change is with us now.
Then some fun with the Beach Litter Picking challenge, trying to beat the 60 second target. 50+ pairs had a go, best time was 48 seconds. Well Done!
Another hugely successful roadshow, lots of young people inspired, lots of carbon footprints to think about and reduce bit by bit.....small steps towards the future. Job Done !