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Life-sized Marine Mammal models made-to-order....

UPDATE   Due to the cancellation or postponement of all of the Roadshow's 2020 bookings, including Glastonbury, Pembroke, Isle of Man, and lots more across UK, there has been a return to making creatures full time 7 days a week, and the large backlog has been nearly cleared.  Currently making Dolphins for British Divers, having finished seals for Cornwall Seal Research Project, and then there are more seals and other creatures in the order book


.........including dolphins porpoises and seals, for rescue training and for roadshows, and sent all over the world. We often get vintage creatures, ones we made 20 years ago, coming back to the Whaleworkshop for renovation, proving it definitely pays to buy quality handmade items that can be repaired, rather than cheap throw-away stuff.  

See a previous photoalbum from 2017, titled Marine Mammal Rescue Training Creatures, for lots of info and pictures on some of the past creations and how they are being used around the world

This 2020 photoalbum illustrates the different species of Marine Mammals that we make most often, how we repair and renovate them, and how we improve the design based on user feedback and wear and tear experience.

Most of the Whaleworkshop output is providing the Roadshow, as shown in other photoalbums, and we only make creatures for others when we are not working somewhere with the Roadshow.

We do not have a stock of ready-made creatures to sell, they are all made to order.  If you want a handmade rescue training creature, or a life-like display model for your own outreach project, get in touch early on and place your order, then wait patiently until it gets made.  There is not a factory in China churning them out, and there is a backlog of previous orders, so order and be patient! 

2020 onwards looks like a busy decade for the ever popular school and public roadshows, so there will probably only be 2-3 months each year to make creatures. We already work 7 days a week., so no scope to increase production. Please be patient if you want a creature made.  Thank you

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A pair of Common Dolphins, rescue training models for British Divers Marine Life Rescue, part of a big order to help boost the BDMLR network around UK coastline
Fill valves on the tail stock just ahead of the fluke are used for filling with water
The blowhole has a second fill valve fitted, to release any air trapped inside during water filling.
Underbody details including indented genitals, so medics can determine the sex of a stranding casualty without rolling it over.
6 weeks later, 4 more Common Dolphins were completed as part of the BDMLR order, each one slightly different to reflect the individuality of Dolphins
Lots of detailing, hand built quality speaks for itself, and thats why there is a steady demand for these models from around the world
Fill valve on upper tail stock for water filling to represent accurately the weight of a dolphin, to enable medics to practice handling in a stranding response scenario.
Blowhole is a release valve for any air trapped inside during water filling
Accurate underbody detailing, and each dolphin model is uniquely different, just like the real thing
The folding flipper, to enable it to be folded under the body so the dolphin can be rolled over. There are no straight lines on a dolphin, and markings are irregular, similar but different
Lovely 1.5m Harbour Porpoise model, complete with electric and hand air pumps, spare fill valve, mending kit, and storage bag.
Nice bright eyes and a welcoming face, and everything needed to keep the Porpoise model happy, all fits into the box for shipment.
Another Porpoise, complete with all accessories, off to another part of the world to raise awareness of Porpoises and their conservation needs.
Another lovely marine mammal model is this Female Grey Seal, made for The Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust
..and the Cornish Grey Seal that the model is based on