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2019 Roadshows....return visit to The Derry Halloween celebrations....

.......working with The Loughs Agency at their HQ buildings in Prehen, Northern Ireland, to create an underwater world as part of the world famous Derry Halloween celebrations.

We used the same set up as in 2018, in the vehicle and boat maintenance garage, and transformed it into the "Monsters of the Deep " exhibition, with amazing creatures and lots of Ocean Discovery.

We brought a few new creatures, including The Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux, and enhanced some of the engaging activities, and the crowds flocked in again.

See 2018 Roadshows Photoalbum for details and pictures of the previous Derry Halloween visit

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Dramatic weather over Lough Foyle, looking down from Magilligan towards Derry City. Good to be back here!
There was once a Blue Whale washed up at Magilligan Point, and this picture is on the info board at the car park beside the pub.
Sign on the litter bin by the beach steps
Next day, the Roadshow Blue Whale is "go" for an inflate !
...and 8 hours later things are looking good, very cool underwater look with some other creatures joining the Blue Whale
Next day, the show is open, and a baby Blue has joined the juvenile Blue. Mother Blue is twice as big as this one. Note the huge pink tentacle slowly creeping over the Blue Whales
Take a few pictures as the good people of Derry come and visit the creatures. Watch out though, there is a squid about !
Some of the volunteers on the Beach Litter table, explaining about the impact that plastic in the ocean is having on marine wildlife
..and here is the Giant Squid lurking in the background
The local Porbeagle Shark, a close relative of the Great White, and which uses Lough Swilly as a nursery, seems at home here in the display
A Blue shark, an occasional visitor, and a long distance traveller in the Atlantic Ocean, cruises past. Orca and Common dolphin behind
Emperor Penguin on a melting ice flow, not looking happy !
Its that Porbeagle again, with a small squid alongside. Small squid get eaten by big squid, and so on up to the Giant Squid.
Sperm Whale calf getting a cuddle from the Giant Squid, but he doesnt mind, these two are well travelled roadshow regulars
...and here he is, Architeuthis dux, the social media star that people cannot quite believe. Do they really grow that big !!