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Exploris Aquarium Roadshow

Over the holiday weekend in early May 2012, the Roadshow visited Exploris Aquarium in Northern Ireland. This was the third visit to this location in past 6 years, and it is a popular location alongside Strangford Lough, with lots of marine wildlife in the area, including a visit by a Humpback Whale to the lough a few weeks before the roadshow visit

In the Exhibition area above the Seal Rescue Centre
...the roadshow featured whales, dolphins, seals and porpoises,....
........and a pair of Turtles
....and a pair of sharks
...and a tabletop display of beachfinds such as seashells and mermaids purses
...with ASCOBANS info panels complementing the roadshow wildlife models
.....hey, look at this
Roadshow creatures and tabletop displays
People are fascinated by sharks