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ASCOBANS Koenig Museum Roadshow in Bonn, Germany

As part of ASCOBANS International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise, held in May every year, a roadshow was presented at Koenig Zoological Museum in Bonn, Germany. This roadshow featured all the species covered by the ASCOBANS agreement, and in particular highlighted the Baltic Harbour Porpoise. School groups and public attendance kept the ASCOBANS secretariat staff busy over the 4 day roadshow.
To see a panorama of the roadshow exhibition, click on ASCOBANS link
To see the ASCOBANS report of this roadshow, see the news page and see "Overview of Events"
To see another report on the roadshow and on all the other events across Europe on IDBHP, see the same news page and see "20 May 2012 10th IDBHP"

To see more pictures, click on dropbox link

A panoramic view of the Roadshow in the beautiful Museum Koenig in Bonn. To view this Panorama, go to ASCOBANS link above
The Koenig Zoological Museum is a perfect location for the Roadshows' models of marine wildlife
The Roadshow was here for the 10th International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise in May 2012
Pupils hear about the problems facing the Baltic Harbour Porpoise, including Bycatch in fishing nets
Heidi Frisch from the ASCOBANS Secretariat introduces a Striped Dolphin to a group of pupils
A school group learn how to help a stranded dolphin
The drawing table also featured origami...very creative in Bonn !
........fantastic origami and sketching from the drawing table
...everyone busy being creative