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North East Marine Wildlife Festival in Newcastle June 2012

This 6 day Roadshow at The Great North Museum in Newcastle highlighted the marine wildlife of UK, and was well attended over the week-long school holiday. As well as lifesize wildlife models, there was lots to do and see, including virtual whalewatching trips, simulated wildlife rescues, and related craft activities, provided by different marine ngos as well as The Whale Workshop

To see the Great North Museum blog report of the Festival, see

The Museum location provided enough space to get the big whales out
...including a baby Minke Whale as well as its mum, and the young Blue Whale
......and lots of Porpoises, a common sighting in the North East of UK
The Great White Shark catches the eye
A big Basking Shark says hello to a young visitor
........fantastic creatures in the huge Museum hall
ASCOBANS info panels give background info alongside the Orca
Head on to the young Blue Whale and the different Dolphins escorting it
People want to know more about the smallest UK cetacean, its lifestyle and where they might see it, it is definitely an attraction
Alison Lomax raising Porpoise awareness
...oops hang on to the Porpoise.....he is lively!
.....and a Whale's tail is great place to hide under