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Aquatics Live Exhibition at Olympia, London, November 2012

A major exhibition drawing together exhibitors and public with an interest in aquarium fish keeping, Aquatics Live 2012 featured workshops, discussions, demonstrations, and the Marine Wildlife Roadshow, representing the worlds largest habitat, the Oceans. The roadshows featured lots of marine wildlife models, and tabletop displays of ID charts, and beach finds like mermaid's purses. Well attended over 2 days, this show provided a good opportunity to raise awareness amongst the large following of this popular indoor aquarium hobby
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The Roadshow display was compact, along an unused wall, but made a big visual impact and had lots to interest visitors of all ages
Far too big to keep at home, the sharks on display caught the eye of most visitors, and drew them to the info table
Marine mammals as well, with ASCOBANS panels
..including largest and smallest cetaceans covered by ASCOBANS
...and a pair of turtles
Action footage from SoSF on the monitor
Mermaid's purses, small shark and ray eggcases
Just got to touch the whale.
Wow, that is a big mouth, but the young Basking shark is a gentle giant really, eating tiny plankton and not people! Look no teeth!
Looks like she is a young shark fan, all the way from China
Simple, effective, low cost way to raise awareness
ASCOBANS and Save our Seas Foundation