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2013 Roadshows

As well as making new creatures for the Roadshow and for others, this year has seen Roadshows in London for Lonely Planet, at Gloucester Tall Ships Festival, In Scotland for National Fisheries Museum and Deep Sea World, and in Cardiff for launch of BBC's Summer of Wildlife season.  ( first three pictures courtesy of Kate Wilson/MCS ) Then in July the Roadshow returned to Hancock Museum in Newcastle for 2013 North East Marine Wildlife Festival, with over 14000 visitors in the 7 days, and positive feedback from them all. In August we displayed in Weston-super-Mare for the BBC's One Show Roadshow, in the Science Zone, and then went further south to Falmouth for Cornwall's major sailing event, Falmouth Week, before finishing the month in the Isle of Wight working with the local Wildlife Trust at Fort Victoria.  September saw the Roadshow in Turkey again, working with Turkish ngo TUDAV to help raise awareness of their marine wildlife scene  

Walkabout with a young Basking Shark at BBC's Summer of Wildlife launch in Cardiff
Walkabout creatures include Sharks, Dolphins, Porpoise and others...its not often you meet a shark in the park
Up on the Summer of Wildlife stage for a quick interview
In London for Lonely Planet's Big Adventure childrens event, with creature display and some on-stage presentations
....with a friendly dragon from the next table display.
On a very blustery day in Gloucester Docks, water ballast was needed to keep the Sperm Whale under control
The Gloucester Tall Ships Festival featured grand old ships like The Phoenix well as Marine Wildlife Roadshow's smaller species with info panels inside our shelter
In the courtyard of the Scottish National Fisheries Museum, amongst the heritage, the Roadshow featured Basking Shark and friends
...with ASCOBANS panels with info on the small cetaceans on display
Not much room in the courtyard
...squeeze in under the dolphins for a sandwich out there!
At Deep Sea World Aquarium, just below the Forth Rail Bridge, The Sperm Whale and a Dolphin greet visitors
......and a young fella meets the friendly Basking Shark