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Marine Wildlife Public Roadshows

with many different species ...see species list...and available in UK, across Europe, and

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At Cork Week Regatta in Ireland, at the family fun weekend in July 2012
Working with IFAW and BDMLR to raise public and media attention prior to the 2001 London meeting of the International Whaling Commission
At WhaleFest in November 2011
"wow" thats big...and its only a youngster, on tour in Germany
At Timmendorf during our Tour of Germany
At the International Festival of the Sea in Portsmouth, our Whales drew the crowds to our location next to the warships
Shopping malls, like this one in Vina del Mar, Chile, are great places for roadshows, providing space and public participation
World Environment Day in Gozo 2011
Biodiversity Day in Co Fingal, Dublin
At the London Aquarium as part of European Shark Week
In Northern Ireland highlighting local marine species
......some of it too big for the marquee
Kent Coastal Week,with lots of info panels and beach finds as well as local wildlife species
At Earls Court Boat Show in London
......with over 20 species, big and small, on display