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Roadshow in Turkey Sept 2013 - Istanbul

The Roadshow returned to Turkey in September 2013, working with Turkish ngo TUDAV, raising awareness of Turkish marine wildlife
over a 6 week period at shopping centres in Istanbul and Eskisehir. Many of the same students from Istanbul University volunteered to present shows every hour, just like they did during previous roadshows in April 2012. The same format was used, combining a selection of wildlife models with activities and engaging presentations, and again the Turkish public responded with children and their parents enjoying over 100 shows in these locations, including school presentations. The TUDAV student volunteers were all fantastic, including those that had never before stood in front of a crowd and presented...a credit to their country and a valuable character building experience for them all.

At a busy shopping centre in Kadikoy, Istanbul, working with TUDAV volunteers
...the roadshow had a good central spot
...surrounded by busy shopping areas
...with a large colouring area next to the marine wildlife models
Lots of parents and their kids for the show repeated every hour
Everyone loves rescuing the common dolphin...
...and off he goes again
Here the Mediterranean Monk Seal is highlighted
...and lots of thoughtful kids as the issue of dolphins in captivity is discussed
Some excellent kids colouring produced and on display
...and some interesting comments as well from very aware Turks
Introducing the lovely caretta caretta
All the TUDAV roadshow crew were student volunteers doing a FANTASTIC job
...after watching and helping for a few days, they all were brave enough to have a go at presenting
...everyone listening, and its the first time he presented the show