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2014 Roadshows....part 1

A busy year with selected public events and lots of creatures made for ngos in UK and overseas. Started with TV appearance of Minke Whale and Basking Shark on BBC's One Show, for a feature on UK Marine Wildlife, including the Common Skate. In March a busy weekend at WhaleFest in Brighton with the Sharks and Turtles, followed by a trip to Italy for a school roadshow, working with the TUDAV team from Turkey. In May we appeared at Celebrating Scotland's Sharks beside Loch Lomond. July and August took the Roadshow to Newcastle, Northern Ireland and back to Scotland, and the final roadshow was during the October half-term at Titanic Belfast. The Whale Workshop also produced Dolphins, Seals, and Sharks for ngos in USA, in Scotland and in Northern Ireland, as well as rescue training dolphin models. Part 1 pictures in this album from BBC "One Show" feature, WhaleFest, and School Roadshow in Italy with TUDAV team

On a cold wet January evening, at BBC Television Centre in London, with Mat Baker and Mike Dilger
for a "One Show" feature on UK Marine Wildlife, including the Minke Whale
...and the Basking Shark, with Mike Dilger dressed as a Skate
The Skate explains why there arent too many Skates left in UK coastal waters, with sea anglers being encouraged to tag and release any they catch
Harry Hall joins the feature as the Skate explains his conservation needs just before 7.30pm, its a wrap!
At WhaleFest 2014 in Brighton during March, we featured Ocean Wanderers, including these Basking Sharks
Hammerhead shark and Manatee calf add to the variety of marine wildlife from all over the world
...and a Great White Shark patrols above the main hall
Orca and Hectors Dolphin from New Zealand above the main stage, during the BBC's presentation on "Dolphin Cam" programme
Hawksbill Turtle and mini "turtle lifecycle" next to the huge Leatherback Turtle
The Beach Find tabletop display featured items from all continents as well from from UK beaches
Hammerhead - superb example of natural design
Mother and son, maybe !