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2014 Roadshows....part 2

This photo album features roadshows in Scotland for "Celebrating Scotland's Sharks", working with The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network, in Newcastle at 2014 North East Marine Wildlife Festival at Great North ( Hancock ) Museum, in Northern Ireland working with Loughs Agency and Ulster Wildlife for their Marine Weeks, in Scotland again working with Stirling International Angling Festival, and back to Northern Ireland for "Into the Deep" marine festival at Titanic Belfast

At the 2014 North East Marine Wildlife Festival, at The Hancock Museum in Newcastle, visitors enter the exhibition hall into the whale zone
Life sized marine wildlife models as far as the eye can see, with a shark zone and craft activity zone at the top end
Sperm Whale, Blue Whale and Minke Whale....all heading south
...with the Orcas close by
Doors open at 10am, and soon the visitors come pouring in
...have your picture taken with a WHALE !
There was a Shark Selfie set-up with the huge Basking Shark.....very popular
Everyone wants to be seen with this iconic bigmouth
Now thats what I call a shark selfie !
This dad looks a bit worried in his picture
The table top display of beach finds seemed to catch the attention of lots of visitors, and there is another shark selfie being taken in background
Great White, Hammerhead, and Grey Reef Sharks all accompany the huge Basking Shark
Seals and turtles looking a bit worried, there are predators about
...and on the rocks by St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, the local Grey Seals are hauled out every day
The North East Marine Wildlife Festival is now in its 3rd year, and steadily attracting more visitors. We hope to return for the 2015 festival