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CITES Roadshow tour of Chile 2002

Working with CCC-Chile, the CITES roadshow toured all regions of Chile prior to the 2002 CITES meeting, to raise awareness of local marine wildlife species.

10 weeks, thousands of kilometers, over 100,000 visitors, highlighting the amazing marine wildlife off the coast of Chile, and the need to protect it. 

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In the north of Chile, at Antofagasta, school children learn how to help a stranded Dusky Dolphin at the Museum
...whilst inside pupils learn about the Great White
In a shopping mall in Concepcion a school group hear about the need for Shark conservation
...and lots more graceful creatures float above in the atrium
We posted lots of on-line reportage the school groups poured into the mall
Another shopping mall atrium in Iquique
Children and parents "participa"
A fantastic selection of pictures from the children of Chile, their way of expressing empathy with wildlife of the sea
...and even a message in the rocks beside the highway as you near the city
Iquique children working together to help that Dusky Dolphin again
If you participate you get a stamp....she has two!
..and he has his stamp as well
It got so busy at the weekend in Iquique
...with Chileans queuing up to sign the petition to protect their wildlife