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Semporna Coral Seas Roadshow

The Semporna Coral Seas Roadshow was undertaken in 2010 and in 2011, working with Semporna Islands Darwin Project and Sabah Parks Dept, to raise awareness of the importance of Marine Wildlife in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park in Sabah, Malaysia. More information is contained in the following articles and project reports. The Roadshow aimed to train local Sabah Parks rangers and SIDP staff over two 3 week long visits, to enhance their capability to undertake their own roadshow initiatives amongst the local island communities.

Please download PDF documents:

Semporna_Magazine ArticleSemporna Magazine Article

Semporna_Magazine ArticleSIDP Coral Seas Roadshow report 2010

SIDP_Coral_Seas_Roadshow_FINAL_reportSIDP Coral Seas Roadshow FINAL report 2011

Semporna Roadshow press reportageSemporna Roadshow press reportage

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Semporna Coral Seas Roadshow
Sabah Parks rangers doing all the presentations after 3 weeks training
At the Humana School on Bum Bum Island
.........the Humana school kids are keen to learn about sharks
.....and to understand the Turtles' lifecycle
...and to rescue a dolphin in distress
..missing out on an education
...colouring is a simple and effective way to focus minds
.......its that spinner dolphin again, being rescued in 2010
...taking part is fun, but holding a shark is "scary"
....taking part is fun
.....illustrating the lifecycle of the turtle with the kids helping
..its that dolphin again
...and the shark pup on his way into the audience
.....taking the roadshow to an island community