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School Roadshows are great!

Pictures from School Roadshows in UK and overseas, highlighting little moments and reactions

FishEye of Roadshow Copyright Thomas P. Peschak - SOSF
Into the shark's mouth. Copyright Thomas P. Peschak - SOSF
Kids just love the Great White Shark
.....I thought sharks were supposed to be dangerous!
.........and those sharks are getting loved again
...its that shark again
...they are so big
The beach rubbish bucket always gets mentioned
A great bit of bottle recycling into a fish mobile..brilliant
...and we highlight the problem of plastic in the marine environment
..a basking shark is around six and a half children long, and its got a big mouth!
...and a minke whale is around 6 children long, and it usually keeps its mouth shut
..."see that, my dad caught one of them on holiday" says the boy
Class picture with the biggest baby in the world, the baby Blue!
Drawing favourite sea creatures